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Gofrolist, production gofrolist


Gofrolist, production gofrolist

Enterprise Cardboard and Paper Mill "KERBOS" produces corrugated sheet club and five-layer white and brown color with starch adhesive, which allows the use of such packaging cardboard for transport and storage of food. The maximum width of 2200mm corrugator. (edging sheet of corrugated cardboard). Large resource base allows us to produce corrugated board in the shortest time. In the production of corrugated cardboard we use both types of junk paper and pulp, which allows for maximum strength and moisture resistance of corrugated cardboard.

Produced brand corrugated cardboard:

  1. A three-layer corrugated board grades T-Cg T-20, T-21, T-22, T-23, T-24, T-25, T-26 profiles "B" and "C" -According SDA.

    The five-layer corrugated board grades P-30, P-31, P-32, P-33, P-34, P-35 profile "VS" according to the JMA.
Corrugated cardboard - it is environmentally friendly, most greeted in our material for the packaging industry. Corrugated cardboard and packaging - is the products that are used in all sectors of the economy.
  1. Corrugated cardboard club - designed for the manufacture of boxes and auxiliary packaging means for packaging products and products that are unable to take the load of the stack. Cardboard is made a three-layer, consisting of two flat and one corrugated layer ribbed "B", "C" or "E" .Shirina corrugated board up to 2500 mm. The surface layer can be brown, white - on request. Corrugated cardboard is made according to technical conditions and GOST 7376
  2. Double-double corrugated board - designed for the construction of large and high-rigid packaging containers. Cardboard is made of five-layer, consisting of three flat and two corrugated layers with a combination of corrugations "E / B", "E / C" and "B / C" .Shirina corrugated board up to 2500 mm. The surface layer can be brown, cloudy, white - on request. Corrugated cardboard is made in accordance with GOST 7376.

Materials for the production of corrugated board

  • Corrugated cardboard is formed of cardboard for flat layers (liner) and corrugated paper (flyuttinga).

    Cardboard liner varies from that used for its production of raw materials and the appearance of the outer layer. When using primary materials (sulfate unbleached pulp, semi-chemical) or secondary waste paper prepared liner brown. Marble outer layer is obtained through the use of bleached cellulose and high concentration of the initial mass.

    Liner with white outer layer and coated liner is made from bleached softwood or hardwood pulp. Fluting can be as semichemical and junk.

Gofrolist, production gofrolist

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