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Self-assembled three-layer corrugated boxes and corrugated board


Self-assembled three-layer corrugated boxes and corrugated board

Cardboard - Paper Mill "KERBOS" produces corrugated boxes Self-assembled three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard, brown and white, with the possibility of printing up to 4 colors. Self-assembled corrugated boxes are manufactured using stamps. Self-assembled corrugated boxes do not require any additional materials to the finished carton. Self-assembled boxes have a certain structure that allows them to fold as quickly as possible without the use of additional supplies. Self Assembly corrugated stands out among the other standard containers for their durability, due to certain structures in Self-assembled containers can strengthen the side and bottom of the cardboard boxes. Self Assembly packaging is the high transport packaging.

Calculation of Self-assembled corrugated boxes being in the presence of data:

Length / Height / Width - carton (inside dimensions)
Weight of goods in cartons
Stacking the load during transport
transportation distance
Humidity transported products or refrigerator
We manufacture corrugated boxes Self-assembled all sizes (limit: the maximum size of the workpiece 1550mm. X 1000mm. And 2800mm. 2400mm. (Rotation)). Minimal circulation 2000pcs.

Self-assembled corrugated boxes are used in various fields, requiring the use of a presentable form of packaging or high shipping container. Samozborny carton is ideal for the transport and distribution of your goods on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries. Production of packaging for individual sizes of the customer - a great way to get a product that will fit perfectly for your products. Product design is arranged so that it enables repeated opening and closing in the absence of damage. In the manufacture of Self-assembled corrugated packaging to use a special cutting die, by which creates a "silhouette" of the future of the box. Stamp (shtantsform) separately, it is made in a few days. Given the characteristics of Self-assembled packaging, this type of packaging is made to order.

Benefits of Self-assembled boxes:

  • rapid assembly of workpieces;
    do not require additional fasteners (staples, tape);
    presentable appearance.
    increased strength
Examples of Self-assembled structures of corrugated packaging




Self-assembled three-layer corrugated boxes and corrugated board

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