Boxes for fruit, berries and vegetables

JMA Certificates

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JMA Certificates

Corrugated packaging and corrugated board - JMA quality certificates

Quality control department Cardboard - Paper Mill began its work at the same time with the launch of the plant. Currently, the department includes the following divisions.

portion of the input control of raw materials and chemicals;
land control of finished products factories;
central production laboratory;
laboratory of sanitary and industrial group.


All products are made ​​in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation that is listed in the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions. Laboratory control input is welcome coming to the plant raw materials and chemicals. At sites control of finished products factory defined indicators of production and is conducted control of technological parameters of production. Laboratory of Sanitary and industrial group carries out production control over working conditions factory workers, ensure the observance of sanitary norms and hygienic standards, air emissions and analyzes the air in the buffer zone of the plant, monitors the quality of drinking water.

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+38 067 612 38 51; +38 067 618 16 79
+38 (051) 271-83-86; +38 (061) 707-97-13
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