Boxes for fruit, berries and vegetables

Butternut box of 10 kg.

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Boxes Nut made ​​of corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes Nut


Butternut box of 10 kg. 385x262x235 mm. Box of walnuts

Produce boxes walnuts on 10kg. with internal dimensions of the box for nut 385x262x235 mm. (Subject to any other dimensions on request). Basically boxes walnut kernels are made from corrugated board (grades P-31 and P-32) with white outer covering (possibly printing on box nut up to 4 colors). But there are exceptions in the manufacture of boxes, walnut, for cheaper drawer walnut possible production of brown corrugated cardboard, or of corrugated board, which in itself reduces the strength of the box for a nut. In applying the five-layer cardboard box walnuts well withstand stacking load, the application of a three-layer cardboard boxes for the production of walnut, the lower tiers can not withstand transport for long distances.
Standard Boxes for walnut kernels to 10kg. internal dimensions 385x262x235 mm. used for transport, packaging and storage of walnut kernels. Made of double-wall cardboard brand P-31 or P-32 is white.




Производим Ящик для ядер грецкого ореха любых размеров и из любого картона с нанесением печати на ящик для ядер грецкого ореха до 4-х цветов.
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