Boxes for fruit, berries and vegetables

Box Strawberry Brown

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Strawberry boxes made ​​of corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes Strawberries


Box Strawberry Brown

  • Strawberry box.

    The internal dimensions of the box:
    Standard 584x392x100 mm
    Under 10 trays on 500grm ..

Produce Self-assembled box Strawberries from corrugated board with internal dimensions 584x392x100 mm. White and brown. Perhaps drawing print up to 4 colors on the box of fruit and vegetables.

  • Mainly made ​​from corrugated board brand P32, P33, P34 brown or white (possibly overprinting up to 4 colors).

    Used for transportation on the far and near distances.

    Just very rare these boxes of corrugated board - this box is used in extreme cases, it is not designed for stacking load and transport over long distances.
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+38 067 612 38 51; +38 067 618 16 79
+38 (051) 271-83-86; +38 (061) 707-97-13
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