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Corrugated packaging and corrugated board - catalog FEFCO


Corrugated packaging and corrugated board - catalog FEFCO

FEFCO - is a transnational organization is actively cooperating with the European integration institutions. FEFCO brings together more than 200 companies from 22 European countries, whose activities are connected with the production of corrugated cardboard and packaging of it. Targets FEFCO: market research and analysis of corrugated containers; popularization of packaging; providing members FEFCO latest market information and technical updates; development of progressive forms of production of corrugated packaging.

Library FEFCO used by manufacturers of packaging as a sector reference manual for all kinds of works of manufacturing of corrugated cardboard packaging.




FEFCO 02xx

Folding crates simplified construction, made of one pattern with valves lid and base with a side seam, which at affixing adhesive, staples or tape side shell is formed.


FEFCO 03xx

Telescopic drawers with separate housing and cover.


FEFCO 04xx

Wrapping boxes and boxes of most stamped collected through reed compounds without glue, staples, tape, etc. limkih. Auxiliary materials.


FEFCO 05xx

Boxes collected using staples, tape, glue, of the details of the type of frame, as well as individual components frame (island) for other types of box.


FEFCO 06xx

Boxes with rigid form.


FEFCO 07xx

Ready collected mainly from one piece folding boxes.


FEFCO 09xx

Internal Elements box: gaskets, gratings, floor liners, partitions, etc.

Corrugated packaging and corrugated board - catalog FEFCO

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